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2017 landmark forum dates in India

2017 landmark forum dates in India.

The 2017 landmark forum in India will take place 7 times across Indian cities such as Mumbai, Bengaluru,New delhi, ludhiana between July 2017 to August 2017.

The landmark forum which brings permanent transformation in live of the participants when the participants authentically participate, have kept Rs.20000 as fees for three and half day forum. Further discounts can be availed on registering online through official website. We claim no connection with The Landmark Word wide. We are just providing useful information to the aspirants who want to learn to deal with breakdown and get breakthroughs in personal relationship and business deals.

2017 landmark forum dates in Australia

Landmark forum dates 2017 :-

2017 landmark forum dates in Australia

Self help programme / training i.e. The LandMark forum will take place 10 times in Australia between July 2017 to September 2017. All Landmark forum programmes in Australia will be of three and half days. The Australian cities where the 2017 Landmark forum will take places are Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. Some them holding the forum twice and some holding for thrice. The 2017 Landmark forum fees is $760 in Australia. Further discount can be offered by The Landmark Worldwide. Our intention of sharing this details is only to help the aspirants with Landmark forum dates. We have used this information from official landmark forum website. We claim no connection with them and sharing this voluntarily only.